Become a People of RGH

Usually this page would display the process and requirements for joining RGH. An invitation for more members to catapult RGH to the next level. Before it can happen, RGH needs you, some of you, you the web, IT, online or software developers. After an eight-year period of running RGH on the other domain, we came across some flaws and unfortunately also abuse of the concept. So we need to be more disciplined and even demonstrate more diligence than the citizen-subjects of RSA (Pty) Ltd.

If you are a rebellious geek or freedom-seeking IT specialist, or know of anyone who fits the profile, please contact us at:

[email protected]

thank you, jan: a people


p.s. : if RGH members are willing to contribute a monthly nominal token of appreciation, any work for RGH could be remunerated, either in FIAT, Talents or possibly cryptocurrency.