Competent Authority outside the Republic

Just some thoughts on “competent authority outside the republic”, a term that features in the NRTA (section 3F) of RSA (Pty) ltd.

For now, most RSA (Pty) ltd agents and employees cannot even fathom or comprehend the idea of another republic within their perceived territorial boundaries of southern Africa; to them ‘outside’ means in Botswana, Zimbabwe or Malawi, geographically, not legally, due to their lack of knowledge on jurisdiction and other issues relating to it.

The interpretations act, although not relevant to us, says :

“the Republic” means the territorial limits of the Republic of South Africa as constituted for the time being  in accordance with the Republic of South Africa Constitution Act, 1961

This seems very clear to some but also vague to others, how are the territorial limits defined ? According to maps and fences ? Nowhere can we find a record of coordinated of such territory. All we know is, that all land was unlawfully annexed, thus rendering any and all agreements, treaties, contracts and referendums null & void.

What qualifies for ‘competent’ is another whole story, as scattered as RGH members may seem at times, they are more competent than any other RSA agent, who, effectively are all guilty of high treason.

We the people are the authority, like a pure democracy, maybe we shouldn’t have used the term “republic’ in the first place ?

Republic (black’s law 9th edition)

republic, n. A system of government in which the people
hold sovereign power and elect representatives who
exercise that power.• It contrasts on the one hand
with a pure democracy, in which the people or community
as an organized whole wield the sovereign power
of government, and on the other with the rule of one
person (such as a king or dictator) or of an elite group
(such as an oligarchy, aristocracy, or junta). Abbr.
rep. Cf. DEMOCRACY. republican, adj.

Does RGH need any form of governance or government, an office, with staff and an official address ? There are certainly people amongst us who are more qualified to do and deal with certain things than others, that’s just natural, but that doesn’t affect the competency of the whole.

Looking at chief Usti and the SCNRFP, they don’t have a government, nor do they have a constitution, for very valid reasons.

Big difference, in respect of native american tribes, they have territorial claims, as custodians (people) or tenants (citizens), land they lived on for generations, as original people.

If RGH teamed up with one of the tribes here in southern africa, we could do the same, or if we establish our micro-nation, which would also only happen in conjunction with a tribal treaty and some form of stewardship agreement.

For the time being RGH should not have a fixed address and/or office in RSA, much rather we can purchase a van and use it as mobile embassy, sojourning, poste restante, like the customary pathways are our home for now.