Judicial Activism


There is undoubtedly a lot going on all over the world with regards to people unraveling the grand deception in connection to the legal system, name fraud, the ALL CAPS NAME, the private BAR associations, so-called judges acting as agents for the banking cartels, privately owned reserve banks, corporate governments and generally how people of the earth have been kept in bondage for millennia, going back to the 17th century in England and Holland, the Venetian merchant families, the black nobility, the Vatican, Babylonian Priesthood, the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Sumer, potentially otherworldly Annunaki and beyond.

Hundreds of groups, initiatives and single people, not always pulling on the same string but nevertheless adding their contributions to free ourselves from the evil empire, are now pushing the envelope. Once you have embarked on this journey, you will see how deep the rabbit and legal wormhole goes, hardly ever there is a way back, but there is ample remedy on the way, some tried and tested, others still in trial and error. It starts with learning about different jurisdictions, i.e. statutory vs. common law, like oil and water, they do not mix, but can be or are forced into the same ‘container’, what the word jurisdiction means, how the entire justice system got usurped, turning all of us into legal chattel. How and why the justice and law making process has become inaccessible, incomprehensible and unaffordable. Soon thereafter we learn how to question such imposed authority and unlawful jurisdiction, the difference between people and citizens, countries and nations.

We start to wonder what happened to our freedom and the pursuit of happiness, how to break the invisible chains and how to regroup with others on a similar quest. There are a good few alternative societies and nations, some providing alternative documents and processes to rescind corporate citizenship and achieve status correction. (see collaborators)

The agents still maintaining the old and rapidly failing system are quick to label us domestic terrorists, radical patriots or constitutionalists. Although there have been a handful of alert souls like senator Wayne Stump back in the 80’s and a few others who sensed an overreach of government, impeding the freedom of the people, whilst working in government themselves. Once you have taken an oath to uphold a constitution and be of service to the people, you will quickly realize that constitutions are nothing but public constipation, merely serving as alibi to distract the people, giving them a false impression of protection. It is the legal bait into to the statutory injustice system.

Youtube and the internet are full of information, incorrect information, misinformation and disinformation, there are thousands of videos showing people claiming freeman, sovereign or right to travel status, either at roadblocks or during court visitations. Many of them rather documenting a failure or only half of the story or incident. Use your own discernment, question everything, research and speak to others. Everyone in this group of people is thirsty for some success, but sensationalism unfortunately isn’t truth’s best friend. We might be running out of time, but there is no point rushing either.

Judicial activism is not citing a wishful sesame open phrase like “I do not consent” or “not for hire” or   “I am not the person“, you need to study their ‘laws’ to a certain degree, be able to decree your own court of record when visiting their courts, always remain calm and diplomatic, especially when threatened or unlawfully detained. This is something that usually doesn’t come over night, but grows with experience and confidence. Most important, have fun and love your work, don’t act or come across as arrogant and/or all-knowing. Be humble, generous and simple. The peace officer now acting as corporate agent is not our enemy, in fact we want him/her back on duty, as friend and servant of the people. The corporate masters in their sky high towers are humanity’s enemy number one, with all the wealth and resources at their disposal. We need to disempower their armies.

Kelby Smith says it in the best possible way :

Find below some more video links links and websites for further information, research and investigation. It is possible that some of the links or URL have been removed, banned or censored, permanently or from time to time, due to their explosive content or exposing too much of the imposed fraudulent system.

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