Collaborators, Confederates and fellow Travellers

Here are some of the remarkable, outstanding and exceptional people, stalwarts and way-showers on our path to freedom. Standing up for what is right, fearless and firm, encouraging you to do the same or at least start your own investigation into the current state of affairs.



Internally Displaced People (Jacquie Figg)

1776 Reloaded


Ernie Wayne Tertelgte

World Service Authority & World Passport (Garry Davis)

No State Project (Marc Stevens)

New Earth Nation

Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa

Ken Dost

Bill Thornton

Moorish Nation

Southern Cherokee Nation and Red Fire People

Most remarkable and thorough approach, driven by chief Usti and his people, seeking recognition amongst each other and from other peoples around the world. The danger they pose to the system became very evident when they tried to set up their own bank. A bank not only for standard banking transactions according to this SEC entry.

Yidinji Tribal Nation

The Aboriginal Provisional Government, “established on the principle that Aborigines are a sovereign people,” while not a micro-nation, issues Aboriginal passports and birth certificates, with Libya, Norway and Switzerland having accepted the documents, and the Australian government reluctantly allowing activists to re-enter using them.

The above is an excerpt from this article. Read more about Murrumu here.


Historically the peoples of the six nations, although originally five, custodians of the north eastern region of what was to become America. Their confederacy strong over centuries and present at the dawn of modern USA. Issuing their own passports back in the 1920’s, successfully travelling abroad, although this came to an end or got suppressed by the corporate government, when the need to collateralize its registered citizens arose, due to the banking cartel’s orchestrated bankruptcy. Recently this customary right was rediscovered and exercised when a small delegation of sportsmen and women travelled to the UK for a tournament.


The Squamish nation have been at the forefront engaging with the de facto quasi Canadian government for many years. Most prominently presented by chief Kiapilanoq and  Irene-Maus Gravenhorst, establishing their own de jure government, serving notices on foreign government institutions operating unlawfully on Squamish soil.


Terrania is an alternative society offering travel documents other than corporate government IDs and passports. It is a place where a living wo/man can record his or her private property outside the state registers. A modern tribe or nation, exploring pathways to navigate out of the forever more restraining, restricting and confining prison matrix.

Johan Joubert

League of Legends

National Liberty Alliance

Kate of Gaia

Peoples Earth Council