Rescind Citizenship & Status Correction


This is the final step in reclaiming your sovereignty, rescind citizenship and returning all documents pertaining to a citizen back to the issuing and previous ‘authority’. Governments or the UN will most likely ignore your efforts, consider doing this is small groups, apparently, 30.000 ex-Canadians have done so in the past.

There are obviously many slightly different approaches, most of them still in trial & error, evidently due to the reluctance of the system to let its subjects aka human collateral go. The continued non-response to any such demands only confirming a level of complicity or admission of guilt. It is about revoking all (fraudulent) contracts with any state completely or at the very least informing its agents appropriately about it, subsequently achieving status correction, become a people with standing, in your own private unlimited capacity, in truth and with honour. Garry Davis was the first man to initiate such process when he established World Service Authority in 1954. It wasn’t easy, got him into trouble and arrested on a few occasions, but he was the first registered citizen to voluntarily become stateless and unregistered world citizen. See the links section for other people’s website and ideas on how to go about this or look at his court case from 1981. Some want nothing to do with any legal name, i.e. the ALL CAPS NAME, strawman, fictitious person or token, others want to claim it, or re-venue it into a foreign/private/common law trust; some could live with dual ‘personhood’ and others are purists, only able to serve one master, whether that be self, god or the universe at large. Below is the approach of Jan: a people, sent off in March 2018 with almost no response until today, except from the German consulate, but awaiting more feedback.

Email to Corporate Agencies revoking Citizenship

Supporting Documents :

Jan Lohfeldt (New Earth Nation Declaration)

New Earth Treaty

OPPT – Paradigm Report

Clearfield Doctrine

Bill of Rights (South Africa)

WSA – The Ellsworth Declaration

UN – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (note : above email explains why ‘indigenous’ is inappropriate and to be avoided in our efforts)

UN – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

WSA – Memorandum on World Government


Right To Travel Arizona (Senator Wayne Stump, 1985)

Constitutional Court Case No. CCT 19-14 (2014.02.03)

RGH Declaration (2010)



How to avoid registering your children as property of the state aka human collateral for future international loans :

Another man’s single-handed approach can be explored here, without revoking citizenship, but rather using the citizenship aka PERSON to perform its commercial duty, although now privately owned.