Taxation is legalised Theft


Now here is something that interests practically everyone, or at least gets us excited, because it revolves around money, as sad as that sounds, and the fact of having to give it away. Or so we are told, according to our conditioned moral compass or feelings of trained moral obligation. In essence, there is nothing wrong with the concept of people living in a community contributing towards it, if such a community is based on transparency and integrity, sharing equally, etc. Again, it’s a matter of numbers: if our communities only had a limited number of members, like small towns, hamlets or farming co-ops, financial affairs would probably be simpler and more effective and not have fallen into the hands of foreign banking cartels. But since we are dealing with entire countries and their metropolitan conglomerates, structured in layers and layers of (mal)administration, creating a perfect pool of anonymity for the forces who own and control the multitude of corporate entities that governments nowadays comprise of. It serves them well and only a select few within finance departments potentially could have a clue about the debt slavery system. But even they are usually too scared to question things for fear of jeopardizing their positions. Since everyone in collections is just doing their job, taking and executing orders, in the 21st century, during the Inquisition or times of the Roman Empire. Further guided by a mindset of “everyone must pay”, opposed to entertaining the idea of “no-one should be paying”, or substantially less at least.

Because only a minority of people grasp the extent of our financial enslavement, the usual excuse given to the citizenry to explain why it is necessary to raise taxes and levies and reduce benefits is that the costs of living, transport, fuel, industry, etc. are also rising. Although, and evidently so, it is never quite enough and so most citizens’ blind obedience only perpetuates the situation, confirming the status quo.

One revealingly and strikingly simple solution is the TEAL tax  (Total Economic Activity Levy) recently resurfaced and discussed as part of a constitutional reset in England, no rocket science, but simple calculations. If only one simple tax of 1% was imposed on all commercial transactions (TEAL) including all banks and corporation, who currently are either exempt from tax (or receive rebates/incentives/bonuses) or simply have moved their headquarters to favourable tax havens, England would collect 3 times more revenue than 370 different taxes combined and currently imposed on its citizens. In essence, no income tax (not a commercial transaction), VAT wouldn’t be VAT but 1% instead of 20% whenever you purchase something, everyone would have substantially more money to feed back into the economy, there would be no inflation or price increases and England’s treasury would have more funds in its coffers than they could spend during a fiscal term. The answer as to why this isn’t common knowledge or implemented is the answer to everything and the current state of the planet. A system of economic slavery, by design and kept in place for millennia.

Historically many taxes were supposed to be emergency measures enforced in times of national crisis. They were meant to publicly boost the military budget but remained in place when the war was over – like income tax in the UK.

VAT is another brilliant example of tax extortion and equally desperate measures to repay forever growing international loans. Originally implemented as a war time add-on in WWI in Germany, but only adopted by most corporate countries in the last decades. A tax for no apparent reason or service, simply legislated and ushered into existence, earning China 33% of its state revenue. Which highly indebted corporate state could say ‘no’ to such lucrative legalized thievery?

As we have learned a lot about conflicting jurisdictions, legal names, unlawful BAR associations, FIAT fraud and the general deception, part of our journey to freedom and prosperity is to exit the corporate matrix. This will relieve us from taxes, levies, fees and fines until such time when the people reclaim the earth and have access to all information, resulting in full disclosure and abolish all fictitious legal framework and corporate entities. It is lawful disobedience, rather set up localized community accounts or interim neighbourhood treasuries to service the needs of your people.

Once you have recorded yourself with RGH, made your declaration and possibly rescinded citizenship, corrected your status, there is no obligation to pay anything to RSA (Pty) Ltd and its subsidiaries, like SARS, RTMC or property tax. Again, this has to be done with much consideration after thorough education. SARS (not a South African company) will threaten you in many ways, i.e. garnishee orders, blacklisting, frozen accounts, legal costs and jail time. Many people we know, especially in America, have gone wrong, either because they missed a few essential steps like status correction or did it for unethical reasons to enrich themselves. One remarkable case of success conveniently swept under the rug since 2006, is  Whitey Harrell .

No-one has got a manual or solution yet, it is trial & error, but if you are determined, you will find a way to reclaim the fruits of your labour, no longer supporting international criminal banking cartels.

Establishing an ecclesiastical society is another great option to starve the corporate system of any revenue, if done correctly and for honourable reasons. Non-registered or legislated, a true people’s congregation based on the principles of natural law. Here is an example of how to open a bank account within the system, but without government ID.

The next logical step, where do we keep or store our money, cash, FIAT if we reject the banking system altogether? It is worth mentioning here that any money in our hands is not actually our money. We don’t own, but simply use it. It is owned by a foreign corporation. If they declare that it is worthless tomorrow, it is their right to do so. Same for what many still perceive as ” my bank account “. These accounts are in your legal NAME; they are not yours. If your local bank freezes the account or shuts its doors and online banking system, there is nothing you can do about it. So, what alternatives are available?

Unfortunately, Peter of England’s WeRe Bank didn’t work out. Whether it was a scam or he got threatened and infiltrated, we will probably never find out. But since then, besides the barrage of cryptocurrencies, a few other experimental initiatives surfaced worth looking into, some creating such a stir, posing a threat to the banking cartel itself.

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