greetings people,

what is going on ? a question that somehow sounds more and more ludicrous, the flow and flood of intel, news and people's opinion has become unprecedented and impossible to digest, our discernment facing an almost insurmountable task.

we are not here to take sides, promote masks, deny a virus, believe in or ridicule Donald Trump, propose a civil war, arrest MPs, wait for Pleiadian arrival or trying to save South Africa at large.

the only thing we do, is provide an alternative and tools to exit this manic matrix and support a life back to natural law and self-governed smaller communities, suburbs or villages.

common law has certainly been making the rounds throughout 2020, many new groups and associations popped into existence due to COVID restrictions and subsequent loss of freedom. Earth United, Unity Group, Desmond Bernado, Liberty Fighter Network some of them here in southern Africa. Unfortunately many of their followers and members fail to comprehend common law and are trapped inside the statutory and fictitious apparatus of RSA (Pty) ltd, somehow still believing in politics or hoping for some recourse hidden among 13000 acts of parliament.

on the other side we've had very encouraging communications with key people in those groups and are not far from a breakthrough; this gregorian calendar year 2021 will be the pivotal point in history and for humanity, it has already started in the USA, just sifting through information received from our collaborators in or close to Washington DC. In fact the next few days could prove crucial already.

more important, if the general control system does fail in the coming days/month, i.e. governments, banks, retail, fuel, power, then we need to provide an alternative and we are pleased to let you know that work on a new RGH member website is well under way after a four year hiatus. Soon we'll be able to invite new members again, possibly grow to a size of a few thousand, start a micro-economy, using the community exchange system or other alternative currencies, de-register everything with RSA, i.e. house, car, children, marriage, birth, citizenship and businesses, then migrate into common law and record with RGH.

thus truly become an independent sovereign nation, this is particularly interesting for private companies and small businesses affected by unlawful COVID regulations. After you deregister from CIPRO and department of trade, you decide what is best for your business and/or how you want to regulate it. Ideally in the form of a guild. Tax will turn into contributions, directly administered, no agency or middleman, no government getting involved. A test tun for a libertarian world and its voluntaryist philosophy.

same would eventually apply to insurance premiums or medical aid, instead of paying insurance conglomerates, their brokers, palaces and large numbers of staff, monthly contributions will be a lot less and you, your people and your nation or association collect the funds and are responsible its distribution.

this email will reach many old and existing RGH members, some of you have left RGH or no longer travel with RGH number plates, but if you receive this newsletter, please indicate if you are still interested and if we need to migrate your RGH profile and details to the new website. The original and private RGH members' website is no longer accessible and rendered defunct due to outdated code and software issues.

there will a few new documents to upload once the migration is complete; regardless, we encourage everyone to de-register from the voters' roll, please visit the public RGH website for a detailed manual.

further, we would like you to have a look at Earth United, who are about to release an app seeking to connect all non-conformists, state-denialist and common law collaborators.

depending on the unfolding situation and the urgency it might require, we are also planning to travel the streets of Cape Town in a few weeks from now, with a flatbed truck or bakkie, equipped with a sound system and play the common lawful town crier, not inciting anything, just informing people about common law, birth certificate & legal name fraud, money deception, RSA (Pty) ltd and its private subsidiaries, etc... we'll do this for ca. 3 days, calling for a common law assembly on day 4, in some public space, where certain key people will explain as much as possible with regards to common law, its application, self-determination and independent sovereign nations.

the SAJurA (South African Jural Assembly) and brother thomas are also teaming up to step in when the time is right. There are already customary and tribal law precedents in the RSA court system we can use to our advantage.

somehow, something needs to happen and if not RGH or the common law people, who else is going to provide a reasonable (interim) solution ? want to get involved with any of the above, please contact :

[email protected]


jan a people of good hope